Jeffry Hill And His Family

Jeffry Hill (1)Family is a constant within the context of human society that distinguishes a group of people that are related by cohabitation, marriage and by genetic relationships. This rather dry definition fails to capture the essence of what needs to be a good family. Families that are healthy can be observed to be supportive as well as forming a nurturing environment for individuals and children to thrive in. When the head of a household is highly involved with the members of the family, it makes for a very collaborative and participation filled environment. A family that is very together in every way is a very healthy family.

To those ends Jeffry Hill is a family man that is highly involved with raising a great family. He has made it is goal to be a loving husband and fantastic about every way possible for most any time with his family. He has learned over the years that family is the key to happiness and the only thing that matters. He enjoys taking his children to the park, taking his whole family to sporting events such as San Francisco Giants baseball games and volunteering with his son’s little league team as a coach. He also enjoys spending time with his father who is a retired United States Marine. Together they do activities such as camping and hunting. When they had out for a deer or pig hunt, he is thankful for the opportunity to spend time with his father and talk about life and family.