Jeffry Hill and the San Francisco Giants

One of the most prominent professional baseball franchises the United States is that of the San Francisco Giants. This team did not start out in San Francisco, but rather out of New York. Once they moved to San Francisco in 1958, they have set their roots and have not left since that time. They are the current World Series champions, which is one of the game’s biggest spectacles. The team has many fans throughout the world but especially in their home base of Northern California. Because of the fact that they are one of the longest established professional baseball teams in existence, they hold the distinction of having won the most games of any team in the history of American baseball.

Jeffry Hill

The team has played in the World Series an amazing 20 times over the years. Most of their early success came during their time in New York. Their team colors are orange and black and one of their nicknames is the G-men. Their biggest rival in the sport are the Los Angeles Dodgers and the rivalry dates back for many years back to the days when both teams were based in New York. Jeffry Hill and his family are avid fans of the team. They often take the opportunity to go catch a game at AT&T Park which was opened back in 2000 and is known for its amazing stadium and grounds. They are loyal fans of the team and like to wear the variety of team gear that is so popular amongst major-league baseball fans.