Jeffry Hill and the Tractor

Tractors are an iconic part of American landscape. These mighty vehicles are known for their specially engineered abilities to provide a high tractive effort in the heavy duty work that happens on the soil in agriculture. The introduction of the tractor was a revolution that allowed for the mechanization of agricultural tasks. Originally this was focused on tilling the soil which is the act of agitating by digging, overturning and stirring the soil for aeration nutrient distribution and other advantages. When this is combined with powerful nature of a tractor, the amount of work that can be produced is greatly increased.

Jeffry Hill

There are a variety of devices that can be towed behind or mounted on a tractor which have increased flexibility and value of these tools. Massive tools like augers and mixers can be attached tractors drive system. The history of tractors is one in which there has been a tremendous amount of innovation from the beginning. The earliest tractors implemented steam powered engines. The earliest transmissions in these vehicles were mechanical guided by chains and cables. While innovative, earliest tractors required a tremendous amount of preparation, endured a significant amount of where and were prone to having various issues.

Gasoline powered tractors were introduced around the turn of the 20th century. These machines helped bring a new aspect of power and reliability to the agriculture game. Diesel motors are the order of choice in the modern tract. They are massively powerful and efficient as well as having a design that is long-lasting and reliable. Jeffry Hill has a long history with agriculture and the various machines which make crop production possible including the venerated tractor.