Family Remains Constant throughout a Changing World

Sometimes in the modern age that we live in today, it seems too many people that there are not enough things staying constant. People change, sports teams change players or locations, and then there is the changing of the way food is made. There is one thing that does remain constant and has not ever change. That constant is family.

The family has remained the same within the context of human society. A family is a group of people that are related by cohabitation, marriage, genetic relationships, and simply friends that are too close not to consider to be family. Though that might not be the denotative definition written in the dictionary, it is the connotation that every person recognizes. Throughout all of time, the meaning of family has not changed.

Jeffry Hill
Jeffry Hill

The family has remained constant in the world where things are constantly changing. A healthy family forms a nurturing and supportive environment for all of the members to feel safe within even when miles separate them. Children grow up stronger, wiser, and happier when their family supports them through all of their success and failures. Marriages are stronger when each spouse continually show support to their other. Family friendships continue from generation to generation when they are as close as family.

Jeffry Hill believes that his family is the most important part of his life. Though he has accomplished many achievements throughout his lifetime, still Hill says that it is his family that he appreciates more than anything. Without his family, Jeffry Hill believes he might not be as successful as he is today because they are the backbone of his support. In fact, when it comes to achieving happiness, Hill says that family is the key to happiness.