A Dynasty with No End in Site

For many years, the fans of the San Francisco Giants had only pennants to be grateful for since they had not won a World Series Championship. In the entire history of one of the most tenured teams in American baseball history, the team had fallen short in every championship bid that they had achieved. Previously located in New York, the Giants, who were then known as the Gothams, moved to their very well known city of San Francisco just before the season of 1958.

The loyal fans of the Gothams, most commonly known as the Giants, stayed ever faithful to their team; they watched in the good seasons of hope and the bad seasons when the team was without any reason to play. Their loyalty over all of these years finally paid off in huge dividends. Currently, the Giants are the reigning World Champions of baseball. This Major League Baseball team did not start their winning in last seasons 2014 World Series, but four years before that.

Jeffry Hill
Jeffry Hill

In 2010, the San Francisco Giants proudly became the world champions. Winning their first World Series in team history, the team that was known as a band of misfits, came together strong and pulled through with decisive victories. The team was thrilled to win their first trophy; however, they were not satisfied with only one. Following up their exciting victory, the Giants made it to the World Series again in 2012 and once more in 2014. Winning both, the Giants have gone from a team who had not previously won, to having a great dynasty.

Jeffry Hill is a major supporter of his favorite National League football team. Proud to finally be able to have some bragging rights, Hill and the fans of the San Francisco based team have three championships that they can brag about to their friends.