The Introduction of Crop Rotation in Agriculture

Agriculture throughout the history of humanity has played a vital role to how people would develop and grow over the ages. The reciprocal is also true, that the technology of the time would affect agriculture, forever changing the way we look at it with each introduction of new techniques and technology. While over time agricultural methods have allowed for man to develop and colonize areas further and further away from their motherland, it has also given birth to many technological triumphs. In the Middle Ages in particular, many farmers in Europe would begin to utilize an important new system that would continue to be utilized even today. This technique is known as the two-field crop rotation.

Jeffry Hill
Jeffry Hill

Crop rotation is known as a practice in agriculture where you grow a series of distinctly different crops in the same plot of land at different times throughout the season. The utilization of this system in Europe would allow for increased plant nutrition and productivity that had previously never been seen before. Not only was this method superior for the plant’s nutrition, but for human nutrition as well. That is because this system encourages diversity and variety, which would turn out to be a pivotal part of human nutrition as well. All of the different kinds of crops that people were consuming had different minerals and vitamins that would extend the overall life expectancy of people as well as keep them in good health.

Jeffry Hill is an agriculture expert who notes the importance and impact that crop rotation had on farming.