Jeffry Hill – Tips for Hunting Safely in the Wilderness

Jeffry Hill is a professional who is dedicated to the success of his career. He believes that the work he does through his career has a positive impact on thousands of people through out the United States. He is currently serving as a business owner in the agricultural industry, and he hopes to be able to bridge the gap between irrigation and agronomics. He began his career while still obtaining his professional degrees, and he graduated Fresno State University with a Bachelor of Science degree in Plant Science, Soil Science, and Plant Physiology. He is dedicated to his career, and to helping growers maximize their crop potential while still maintaining a sustainable ecosystem.

Jeffry Hill

Jeffry Hill spends a great deal of his time outdoors. He enjoys being surrounded by the natural world, and witnessing for himself the natural processes that sustain life all over the world. His enjoyment for the outdoors was what inspired him to pursue a career in agriculture, and to work as an Agriculture and Irrigation Consultant. One of his favorite things to do outside is to go hunting. Hunting, when done correctly, can have positive impacts on the environment. Here are some tips for hunting safely with others in the wilderness.

The first thing to keep in mind when you’re hunting and roaming the wilderness is to keep the safety of the gun on at all times. It is as simple switch that the shooter can click on an off on the gun, typically near the trigger, and it can make all the difference. It is simple to click the safety off when you see a potential shot, and you can even do it while you bring the gun up to aim.

In addition to always having the safety on when you aren’t shooting, make sure you walk around with your gun barrel aimed in a downward angle. This will ensure that even if an accident occurs, the gun will fire towards the ground rather than at another individual in your group. Professional soldiers are trained to walk in groups this way, and it can mean the difference between life and death.

Lastly, make sure you clear the area before you take a shot. This is a simple habit to get used to, and it can keep you from making a mistake. When you see a potential shot, take a moment to look around the surrounding area. A lot of hunters like to keep some distance between other group members, so checking out the area before you shoot is a good idea.

Jeffry Hill always takes the necessary precautions when he goes on hunting trips with other people. He learned how to hunt from his father, and they always practice good hunting etiquette while out in the wilderness.