Jeffry Hill – Tips for Hunting in the Woods

Jeffry Hill is a professional who gets to spend his days working in the natural world. He enjoys being surrounded by the natural world, and witnessing first hand the natural process of the world that sustains life on Earth. He has been working in the agricultural industry for several years, ever since he graduated from Fresno State University with a Bachelor of Science degree in Plant Science, Soil Science, and Plant Physiology. He also has two Associate degrees from Reedley College in addition. He is well equipped to handle any professional responsibility as an agronomist.

Jeffry Hill

When Jeffry Hill isn’t working on the success of his professional career, he can be found hunting in the woods with his father. His father taught him to hunt, including all the necessary safety rules and precautions that every hunter should take while in the woods. Here are some tips for safety and for hunting in general.

The first thing to keep in mind when you’re hunting is the safety of your gun. The safety latch should always be engaged whenever you aren’t about to take a shot so that you can avoid firing your gun when you don’t mean to. This is a simple habit to practice, and can meant the difference between life and death.

In addition to keeping the safety engaged when you aren’t using your gun, make sure you take careful aim when you’re about to shoot at a target. This means that you also sweep the area of other people or objects you don’t want to shoot by accident. This is a good tip to remember when hunting in a group.