Jeffry Hill – Protecting Animals

Jeffry Hill has always been very passionate about animals and nature. He cares about the environment and hates to see an animal being hurt or in pain. He believes that humans are responsible for the care of animals and should protect them, however, necessary. If you have a soft spot in your heart for animals and want to know how to help them, these tips can help.

Jeffry Hill
Jeffry Hill

Protect Animal Habitats

The best way to help animals is to protect their habitats. Animal habitats are often destroyed by people when homes or businesses are built. If you are aware of a large habitat area and want to protect the animals that live there, do your part to keep humans out of that area.

Watch For Invasive Species

Invasive species are animals that have been introduced into the wild but do not belong there. Humans often release invasive species on accident or contribute to their survival. Make sure you are aware of the invasive species that live near you and are doing your part to control and eradicate them.


You might not think that recycling has anything to do with nature, but it can play a big role in helping wildlife. When you recycle you are using less natural resources and therefore preventing the destruction of forests and animal habitats. When you recycle you are also reducing the amount of junk and trash that ends up in landfills and in the environment.

Watch Pesticide Usage

Pesticides are often used to protect crops and kill insects or keep them away. While the use of some pesticides is necessary, using them too often can cause serious effects on the environment. When there are not enough bugs or insects for the animals to feed on, they can die or even try to move to other areas for new food sources.

Watch The Road

You may or may not have noticed all the animals that are killed while attempting cross roadways. Many roads are built in areas that are heavily trafficked by animals of all types. If you want to help protect animals and wildlife you need to slow down while driving and pay attention to the animals that are trying to use the same road as you. Always slow down to avoid hitting deer, rabbits, turtles and other animals that are commonly found along the roadside.

Jeffry Hill has always loved animals and wants to do everything in his power to protect and care for them. Animals cruelty is a real problem but people can help prevent it. If you want to protect animals and help them avoid cruelty and neglect, the above tips can help.