Jeffry Hill – Coaching Little League

Jeffry Hill enjoys baseball and spending time with his family. One of the ways he combines these two things is by coaching his son’s little league team. He finds that coaching little league is both rewarding and challenging. If you are considering coaching a youth sports team, these tips can help make the experience more enjoyable for you.

Jeffry Hill
Jeffry Hill

Know The League Rules

One of the most important parts of coaching is knowing the rules and passing them along to your players. Make sure you understand the rules and that you coach in a way that shows your players how to follow them and play fairly.


You want to teach your players how to be safe on the field. Make sure they have the right equipment and technique and are following all the rules. Little league players are going to make mistakes, but your job as a coach is to make sure they stay safe while playing.


You want your players to feel confident in their abilities and that means a lot of praise and constructive criticism. Make sure you tell your players when they are doing a good job and correct them when they need to do something differently. This will help them become better players and be more confident in their abilities.

Jeffry Hill loves to coach his son’s baseball team. His family is very into baseball and being able to play and practice together has allowed them to bond and spend valuable time together. If you want to coach your child’s ball team, the above tips can help.