Jeffry Hill: Protecting the Environment

Jeffry Hill is an agronomist who began studying plant science because he is passionate about protecting the environment. He helps commercial growers keep their soils and crops healthy, while simultaneously providing environmentally-friendly options to these farmers and agriculture professionals.

If you’re interested in protecting the environment – maybe even motivated to choose a career like Jeffry Hill’s that will allow you to do so – you’ll need a better understanding of the problems and consequences impacting the world.

To protect the environment, you must know what you are protecting it from. The primary problems like industrial pollution and destruction of habitat, among others, leave more than one billion world citizens without clean water, more than two billion without adequate sanitation and over one and a half billion without safe air.

Furthermore, millions of farmers must struggle to grow crops on poor soil for minimal income and entire countries face starvation.

One person is not likely to protect the environment from everything, or even a single item on the above list. However, if humanity bands together, and those who can do something, do, one person can be an integral part of the difference needed.

Each person is motivated to protect the environment in different ways. Some choose to plant trees, others invent products that reduce the world’s reliance on cutting them down. Some opt to create non-profit organizations to raise awareness to the problems facing Earth, others launch community recycling programs.

No method of protecting the environment is “wrong” or “too small” if it truly benefits the world. Do your research and, when you’re ready to join people like Jeffry Hill in taking a stand, find your calling and make it happen.

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