Jeffry Hill: What We do for Environment Protection

Jeffry Hill is one of the famous agronomist, who always helps the people that how can they save their soil and crops. A farmer is a God father of a any nation so its necessary to guide them time to time. He always tries to motivate them about environment protection.

In this busy life everyone lost even there is no time for themselves. An awareness about environment protection is a basic need for all of us. We all know today’s problem its a populated environment. Pollution is the main reason of bad environment although its industrial pollution or smoke pollution. There is no clean water and clean air due to pollution.


We have to solve this problem As soon as possible otherwise it’s not good for all of us. Let’s make a step for a clean environment in this evolution, we have to make strong determination and we have to promise with ourself. A clean environment is a basic need in the world. I Jeffry hill make a promise myself that I always work for environment protection.

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